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NC Dressage was formed by passionate FEI Dressage rider and trainer Natalie Ciappara.  Currently based on the Gold Coast (QLD), Natalie grounds her business in integrity and professionalism, offering equine services that are second to none.  

Natalie has a talent for producing horses from Young Horse through to FEI level, and offers a holistic approach focussing on her finely crafted in-hand work accompanying ridden sessions.  With a passion for improving biomechanics, the horse's 'way of going', Natalie is able to achieve outstanding results with her techniques - working smarter to achieve a well-rounded equine athlete, developed for success as well as longevity in their career.

Having a passion and proven track record for helping horses and riders to reach their potential and work in harmony, Natalie offers rider coaching as well as short and long term horse training, campaigning and sale preparation.

 Professional Services

  • Short or long term, depending on your Dressage goals

    From $60 per session
  • From Young Horse to FEI level

    Enquire for fees
  • Preparing and presenting your horse to maximise the outcome

    Enquire for fees
  • Beginner riders to FEI level, EA Coaching accredited

    From $90 per lesson
  • Available throughout Queensland and interstate

    Enquire for packages

 Happy Clients

"I engaged NC Dressage initially to assist me as a Dressage coach, and found Natalie's natural insight and ability to teach extremely helpful to my dressage journey.  Natalie then took on the training of my young Warmblood and the results have been outstanding.  My horse is more confident, more enjoyable to ride, and has reached a new level in his training.  I feel confident in recommending Natalie to anyone searching for an ethical Dressage trainer with excellent timing and feel"  -  Chrissie H.

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