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NC Dressage was formed by passionate FEI Dressage rider and trainer Natalie Ciappara.  Currently based in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Natalie grounds her business in integrity and professionalism, offering equine services that are second to none.  

Natalie has a talent for producing horses from Young Horse through to FEI level, and offers a holistic approach focussing on her finely crafted in-hand work accompanying ridden sessions.  With a passion for improving biomechanics, the horse's 'way of going', Natalie is able to achieve outstanding results with her techniques - working smarter to achieve a well-rounded equine athlete, developed for success as well as longevity in his career.

Having a passion for the equine industry in Australia and overseas, Natalie has strong foundations in Dressage, having trained in Europe for over 10 years, arguably the world's epicentre for the world's top Dressage riders and coaches; allowing her to bring a highly skilled, informed and practiced approach to riding and coaching.  Natalie has an enviable equestrienne resume, having worked with some of the top riders including Catherine Haddad Staller (USA), Jeroen Devroe (BEL), Birgitt Wellhausen (GER) and Morten Thompson (DEN).

Natalie believes in developing strong foundations in both the horse and rider, and has a proven track record of producing quality results. She understands that no two horses are exactly alike and is able to use her skills to develop a training program that best suits the individual.  Having worked with so many different horses throughout Australia and overseas, Natalie has developed expert 'timing' and 'feel' that allow her to produce beautiful Dressage athletes time and time again.   

  • 10 years spent riding, training and coaching throughout Europe 

  • Competition success from Young Horse classes through to FEI level in both Australia and at national competitions throughout Europe

  • Specialist at in-hand work to accompany ridden sessions

  • Highly competent in all aspects of horse husbandry having cared for many elite Dressage Warmbloods throughout her career

  • Attained G level Australian Dressage judge

  • Attained EA level 1 Horse Management, level 2 Ridden Skills, Intro level Coaching (soon to attain EA Level 1 Coaching)

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